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Jez Dolan’s practice is interdisciplinary, project-based and research-driven. He utilises a range of media according to the specific needs, demands and context of each project. Currently working with printmaking, photography, performance, installation and curating, whilst exploring the creation of new works from archival sources, through which we recall and revisit individual and shared memories and histories, often through the use of text as both visual presence and mode of communication.

He is interested in researching Queer identity; histories, heritage and personal archives, and how we place these, and ourselves in the wider world. Events and experiences always leave behind them a trace, or residual mark of their occurrence, and it is these traces, marks and events which Jez is interested in exploring, expressing these ideas through a process which is performative, collaborative, and celebrates the physical act of ‘making’.

Jez’s practice has emerged from his previous twenty - year history as a practitioner in socially engaged arts practice and education, and continues to evolve with each new body of work which is created. He is currently undertaking an MA in Queer Studies in Visual Art & Culture at Birmingham School of Art / Birmingham Institute of Art & Design.

Jez works from studio space at Artwork Atelier Salford