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The Burnt Books of Magnus Hirschfeld

Jez will be undertaking a first-stage Research & Development visit to Berlin during winter / spring 2017. The visit will involve a residency with The Schwules Museum, an LGBT cultural organisation and archive based in Berlin a centre of research, that supports academics and artists in the field of queer theory, gender and sexuality studies. The core of this R&D will revolve around exploring the lost correspondence of Sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld with George Cecil Ives following the destruction of Hirschfeld’s archive in 1933 by the Nazis.

This project has been made possible by Arts Council England and the British Council through the AIDF scheme.


A letter, neither sent, nor read by its intended recipient. Written with anger, confusion, betrayal, love, extreme sadness. The end of an affair, but not the end of the relationship. An outline, accidentally drawn for a future work.

Utilising text, whilst redacting the text itself. The few remaining words, still communicating the hurt and sorrow which hide behind the redacting lines of ink. Simultaneously personal / universal, secrecy / declaration, disguise / identification.

Magpies will be a collaboration with composer Michael Betteridge. Codifying language and text into sound, music, and visual response.

Magpies will have a preview showing in August 2017.