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Anders Als die Andern (Different from the Others)

Jez has recently opened a new exhibition, Anders Als Die Andern at HOME Manchester. The exhibition emerged following a short self-directed residency in Berlin (funded by ACE and The British Council, via the IADF scheme) working with The Schwules Museum and The Magnus Hirschfeld Gesellschaft. The exhibition uses the film; Anders Als die Andern (Berlin 1919) as a starting point to explore current LGBTQI+ oppression, reparative therapy and history. The exhibition will be premiered on the 12th January and runs until the 4th March 2018.

Second floor gallery install

Photograph: Michael Corker


A letter, neither sent, nor read by its intended recipient. Written with anger, confusion, betrayal, love, extreme sadness. The end of an affair, but not the end of the relationship. An outline, accidentally drawn for a future work.

Utilising text, whilst redacting the text itself. The few remaining words, still communicating the hurt and sorrow which hide behind the redacting lines of ink. Simultaneously personal / universal, secrecy / declaration, disguise / identification.

Magpies is a collaboration with composer Michael Betteridge. Codifying language and text into sound, music, and visual response.

Magpies will next be shown as part of New Art West Midlands at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, February - May 2018