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Is He on the Line...?

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Jez was commissioned by Curated Place to undertake a residency in Reykjavik as part of the NATUR. Jez worked in Reykjavik during 208/19 exploring Icelandic queer histories and stories. One element of the residency is the performance work: Is He on the Line...? made in collaboration with Icelandic composer Ingibjörg Yr, and subsequently premiered in Hull as part of the Heads Up Theatre Festival in March 2019. The work is scored for four male voices and overhead projectors, sung & spoken in Icelandic and English.

A short excerpt of the performance can be seen above. The work is available to tour internationally from 2020 onwards.

Art B&B, Blackpool

Blackpool Toile wallpaper & artworks

Jez has been commissioned to create a room for Art B&B a pioneering platform for experiencing contemporary art within a traditional Blackpool B&B reimagined for the 21st Century. Jez has been looking at Blackpool's queer heritage as a starting point for the commission, and has created The Blackpool Toile, which forms the basis for the room's content. Art B&B will be opening to the public in October 2019.